Commercial, Retail & Residential Properties

A real estate company that owns, develops and manages office and residential properties.

Commercial spaces

An integral aspect of productivity is having the right space to work in; and we have that space just for you. Offering offices from small to large, Rester Management holds a diverse portfolio of properties that can suit any business owner’s needs.

Retail spaces

It is quintessential that your retail space fits your business’ goals. Finding that ideal storefront is now an easy task thanks to our great selection of retail spaces, where your business can flourish and can offer the best experience to your clientele.

Residential spaces

The search for a place to call home in such a big, vibrant city is made simple. Rester Management offer a variety of residential spaces for you to settle down. Our properties cater to all kinds of tenants and their own desires!

Looking for your next rental?

We can help find your next commercial or residential space in one of our many properties.
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